Custom knives


I often get requests for custom knives.  While I try to provide designs that meet the typical needs of the outdoorsman, some customers may have their own knife designs that they would like me to make.  This has proven to be a bad idea through experiences I have had, since it requires me to interpret exactly what you want just from photos or drawings, and it's hard to estimate exactly what to charge to do custom work.  I almost invariably under-estimate the difficulty of a custom project.  I will, however, customize my own designs with handle materials as long as I have the material you want in stock.  For example, you may want a particular design that you see with a rosewood handle, and tell me that you would like that knife with zebrawood or black Micarta.  As long as I have the material you want, I will accommodate such requests.  Also, if you see a knife you like in the Knife Gallery, but I don't have one in stock, let me know and I'll give you a quote on the lead time to make another one like it.

This applies also to knife restoration.  I have taken on projects to restore old knives and/or build sheaths for them, and they usually turn into nightmares of unseen problems or spending more time than I estimated.  For this reason, I don't take on knife restoration jobs anymore.

Additionally, though I will gladly sharpen knives brought to my shop, it's not a service that I offer for knives to be mailed to me for sharpening.  I would rather not deal with the liabilities of losing your knife in the mail, or getting claims that knives have been damaged or sharpened improperly.

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