The Pocket Carry knife is an innovative design to give you the option of carrying a small fixed-blade knife easily in your pocket as an every-day-carry knife.  Each knife is about 6" inches in total length with a 3" blade, and comes in a small "pouch" sheath with a spring steel clip to hold the entire sheath in your pocket.  By simply pulling on the attached lanyard with your index finger against the spring, the knife slips out and the sheath stays behind--giving you the convenience of a clip-on folder and the strength of a fixed-blade knife.  Ideal for front pants pocket, rear pocket, or even as a boot knife.

Some knives are made with 1/8" steel, and some with thicker 3/16" 1095 steel.  Make sure to check individual descriptions to see which steel is used on each knife, as this will vary to give you a variety of options with each style.

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If you see a knife you would like that is not in stock, please email us for an 

estimate on the lead time to make another one of that particular knife.

You may also custom order one of the existing knife designs with

your desired wood and spacer materials, as long as we have the materials

to accommodate your request.