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UKW SURVIVOR Specifications
Survivor Specs.jpg

The UKW Survivor is a solid knife made for hard work!  A perfect balance of weight, form and function, the 5mm thick blade (just over 3/16") is made from high quality 9CR18MoV chromoly steel to resist corrosion and stay wicked sharp.  In testing, I have chopped nails in half without damaging the edge!  Almost a foot long and 2" wide at its widest point, the blade is strong yet not unwieldy.  The entire weight including sheath is only 1.25 lb.  The 3/4 thick handle is made of Glass-Reinforced Nylon scales, an impact-resistant thermoplastic reinforced with glass fibers that will not shrink, swell or crack with temperature and moisture changes.


The unique combination of both a curved and straight bevel gives the knife the ability to perform chopping tasks with the front edge while firmly gripping the knife with the thumb placed against the thumb riser for stability.  The straight edge is designed for making straight downward cuts, or to be used like a drawknife, pulling the blade towards you while wearing protective gloves to grip the forward part of the knife and the handle, with a shaving effect to shape flat pieces of wood.  The transition point where the edges come together forms a wedge that can be positioned at the top of a standing log while a "baton" made from a thick branch is impacted on the back of the blade, splitting the log into smaller pieces of wood for fire-building. 

The aggressive cross-cut saw teeth on the back of the blade are handy for notching wood to loop a cord around in tying down stakes, or in snare-building.  It can also be used to saw small branches, cut through joints and gristle in game processing, or pounded against cuts of meat as a tenderizer!  The Utility Hook also serves in game processing, or for pulling through hide or leather to make easy long cuts.  It also can be used to shave curls of wood from small sticks for making tinder.

At the pommel end of the knife, a square protrusion acts as a "hammer" for pounding stakes, cracking nuts, or any other impact function where you don't want to damage the butt of the knife.

See the section on Survivor Functionality for illustrations of some of these functions.

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