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Knife/Gun Shows


I have started to expand my sales area outside of just Utah-based shows, and now attend shows in neighboring Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.  This has given me much wider exposure to the market, and helped me to see what people outside my state are looking for in a good knife.

Generally, if I can get there inside of 8 hours, it's worth my while to drive there.

One of the great opportunities I've had for getting my knives known is attending knife and gun shows as a vendor.  I am able to display the wares that I currently have on hand, and people get a chance to handle the knives and make a decision to buy one based on how it looks and feels.  It's hard to convey all of the traits of a product simply through pictures on a website.  I have met and talked to hundreds of interesting people through these gun shows.


While there are usually numerous other vendors selling cheaply mass-produced knives at these shows, I rarely see actual knifemakers showing their wares.  I have tried to keep my prices low enough to be able to offer a quality handmade product at an affordable price.

Handmade Damascus knives always attract attention!  They are definitely striking as well as useful.


Sometimes this means some hairy road trips, like coming back through snowy passes from Reno, Nevada right before Christmas!

Keep an eye on the schedule below to see if I might be coming to a show near you.  You can always drop me an email to see if I will be at a particular show, but usually if a show is on my calendar, I'll be there.

Upcoming Shows

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