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UKW SURVIVOR Functionality
BATONING (Splitting)

Use the knife as a splitting wedge to split even large-sized logs into kindling.  Center the blade on an upright piece of timber and strike the front end of the blade with a medium-sized striking "baton", which is simply a branch that fits well in the hand.  Force the blade down through the wood, splitting it into smaller pieces for building a fire.


The utility hook is sharpened, and can be used as a gut hook for processing game, or to shave curls of bark or wood from small sticks for tinder.  It can also be used for shaving sticks smooth and sharpening them in arrow-making.  Also works great for making long cuts in leather or hide.


De-limb branches by chopping the smaller offshoots off with sharp downward blows.  Also chop through larger pieces of timber by making "V" cuts in the wood using the front edge of the knife as you would a small hatchet.  Stabilize your grip on knife using the thumb rest on the back of the blade.


The saw teeth on the back of the blade can be used for sawing small limbs, or for notching wood to secure rope when building shelters or snares.  It can be used in game processing to cut through tough sinew or joints.  The saw can also be used to create sawdust for tinder in starting fires with a fire-striking device.  


Use the lower straight edge of the blade for making downward straight cuts in wood.  This part of the blade can also be used as a "draw knife" to plane pieces of wood flat by drawing the knife downward holding the grip with one hand, and the saw-tooth end of the knife with the other hand (using gloves!).


The steel protrusion on the butt or "pommel" end of the knife is designed to be used as a hammer for pounding stakes into the ground.  It can also be used to crush nuts and seeds on a rock, or pulverize wood for tinder.  It is useful for any impact function, and keeps the butt of the knife from being damaged.

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