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This category covers all of my non-pocket-carry knives for now.  You will find a variety of styles and handle materials, so check often for new offerings.  I really love the beauty and durability of natural hardwoods for my handles.  I also use deer, elk or moose anter, and resin composite materials such as Micarta or my own handmade "Mark-carta", made from polyester resin with different materials compressed in layers.


Note: The following styles are some of the "pattern" knives I make, so you may find several available cut from the same steel pattern, but with different handle materials.  I also have custom one-off designs that are each unique, so check the inventory in the Product Gallery at the bottom to see everything that is available.  ​

  • Drop-point Hunter

A classic design.  8.5" overall with 4" blade of flat-ground 1/8" steel.  Gentle curve from tip to pommel, with a single finger groove in the handle.  Ideal size for hunting use.


  • Trailing-point Utility/Skinner

The smallest of the "full size" knives, at 8" overall and 4" blade of flat-ground 1/8" steel.  Features a straight-backed blade with thumb rest​ to give you a strong forward grip on the knife for maximum control.  Perfect lightweight knife for skinning or other fine work.  I have to call this little guy my favorite!


  • Large Hunter/Skinner

Our longest knife, at 10" overall and a 5" blade of hollow-ground 3/16" steel.  Blade has a sweeping upward curve with an angled tip and plenty of belly.​  A knife with stunning appeal, and large enough for bushcraft tasks such as wood-splitting ("batoning").


  • Large Skinner/Chopper

A rugged ​drop-point knife for serious skinning work.  Blade is 9" overall and 4.5" blade of hollow-ground 3/16" steel nearly 2" wide!  Also great for chopping in food preparation.  Single finger groove and thumb rest for positive grip.

  • NEW! Medium Hunter

A simple but classic knife.  Blade is 8" overall, with drop-point flat-ground 4" blade of stout 3/16" steel.  Makes a perfect skinner or general hunting knife.  Single finger groove with a comfortable rounded-butt handle.  I've been trying composites on this knife instead of the classic wood.  This includes Micarta or my own homemade composites made from colored paper or fabrics embedded in polyester-based resin.

Product Gallery

If you see a knife you would like that is not in stock, please email us for an 

estimate on the lead time to make another one of that particular knife.

You may also custom order one of the existing knife designs with

your desired wood and spacer materials, as long as we have the materials

to accommodate your request.